RF Bug Detector,Detect Wide Range Radio GPS Frequency,High Sensitive Wireless Hidden Camera Sweeper (Yellow)

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  • The Most Advanced Wireless Detection Equipment - Portable wide range radio frequency detector of CDMA,WiFi Signal,2G,3G,4G.It can easily find out wireless hidden camera,make your privacy safe.
  • High Sensitive - Super high sensitivity with adjustable threhold,stronger anti jamming,wider range of detection frequency.Accurately detect and find the 5.8GHz mini hidden camera,1.2G/2.4G wireless IP camera,2G.3G.4G cards with bugs and locators,high speed uploading vehicle watch gps trackers and cdma 4G signal to prevent be pursued,monitored and intercepted.
  • Latest Dual Antenna Design - Dual band performance enhancement,high gain antenna,combined with professional radio waves,search signals are faster,anti interference is stronger,and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate.
  • Wireless devices with a range of 1MHz to 6.5GHz can be detected in a range of about 10 meters without interference.
  • 1Mz-8000Mhz full-band high-gain antenna, the closer to the suspicious signal, the louder the alarm
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